Dionisiou Beach Halkidiki

 paralia dionisiou halkidiki Dear visitor, we would like to welcome you, to Dionisiou beach Halkidiki and to  apartments “Maria”. Dionisou is still another refugee village in the municipality of Nea Propontida (former Moudania). The roots of its residents come from Canakkale in Asia Minor. It took its name from the buildings that existed in the region and belonged to the Monastery Dionisiou on Mount Athos.

Pioneers farmers, it’s residents have dealt with greenhouse vegetable crops and flower growing. In 1964 after the distribution of land, several residents came down on the beach, where they built a seaside village with a modern layout. Since then, “Dionisiou Beach” developed in a touristic destination, taking advantage of the truly great and beautiful beach. Every summer is filled with thousands of tourists, locals and foreigners.

In an excellent, friendly, quiet and pleasant environment, we invite you to enjoy a memorable holiday and carefree summer moments.

staying on Dionisiou beach Halkidiki